Time Trapped

"Time Trapped" is a third person adventure game where players take the role of a princess that has been imprisoned in a tower because of her power of traveling in time. The game starts as she wakes up after 100 years and try to figure out how to escape. Players can press R to travel back and forth between present and past. In the past, there are guards who will follow you if they see you, and if caught the level is reset. Players can either outrun the guards or go to the safe zone until the path is clear and guards are back to patrolling. In the present, there are no guards (they are all dead) but players need to go back to the past to preform actions that will affect the present in order to escape. There is a companion that will guide players through the level.


  • Designer
  • Developer


  • Design: Chaima Jemmali & Jezz Lucena
  • Programming: Chaima Jemmali & Jezz Lucena
  • Character model and animation: Kedong Ma
  • Environment: Douglas Davis

Source Code