Green Quest

This is a Serious Game with the goal of teaching young children the effects of throwing garbage in the nature and how it affects different animals. The main mechanic is a platformer game where the player uses a 2D character to move, jump and climb ladders in order to collect the different garbage in the forest. Whenever the player encounter a new type of garbage (plastic, metal, glass, paper) he will learn how many years it takes for that garbage to degrade. At certain points of the level, the player will meet a monkey, a fish, a sea turtle and a man. Each one of these characters will start a dialogue asking the player to help him and then take him to a mini game. When that mini game is done the player can choose to play again to improve his score or get back to the main game. Whenever a mini game is played, it unlocks and become available to play separately from the main menu without going through the main game.


  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Artist and Animator

Source Code

The player character (Tim from Braid) and some other art assets were found on the internet.